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work.IS is a Complete Hybrid Work Management Solution.

Who Are We?

We are Jonosfero International. If we have not had the pleasure of being acquainted, visit our website, visit us or connect with us.

Why We Have Worked So Hard To Make work.IS A Reality;

Here at Jonosfero International, we wanted to create a software solution to run a Hybrid Work structure. A structure that works in real-life for real-life problems.

That is why we have worked with the very best in the business to create work.IS, your Hybrid Work Management software to manage, co-ordinate, control, track, intimate, consolidate and inform the Hybrid Work structure for Employers and their Employees.

What Does work.IS Mean?


In Situ

“situated in the right place or position”

Work In Situ: Work – Done In The Right Place.

What Problem Does work.IS Solve?

Hybrid Work provides the ideal balance of flexible work, employer needs and employee preferences. Employers and employees strongly prefer it to fully remote work as well as to full-time work on-premises. Hybrid work binds the company and employees together and it benefits both significantly.

But let’s face it. Much as we all love flexibility, no one really agrees on what flexibility means.

Employers think it is the option for employees to work remotely as an exception. Employees think it’s the option to work remotely whenever they want or from on-premises whenever they need.

Some organizations worry about whether flexibility impacts their clients and their stakeholders. Or worry about how much space they should retain. It is, after all, the second biggest expenditure after people expenditures – too much space leads to wasted resources, too little space leads to a space crunch just when you need it most.

But Here’s The Problem.

How does you decide, track and manage Hybrid Work across the organizations?

Who gets preference?

On what basis?

How do you track?

What if everyone comes in together? And what if no one does?

What if the people who are required to be on-premises together are not?

What is certain people are allowed to access only certain spaces or sit besides certain other functions?

How do you budget, allocate or manage this?

What of their personal preferences?

How do you administer, run, track, manage and coordinate Hybrid Work in the complexity of organizations?

But Aren’t There Seat-Booking Applications That Help With This?

Not really. Seat-booking apps don’t really help manage these problems, far less prevent them. Seat-booking apps just tell organizations that a problem exists (usually when it is too late to do anything about it) and then leave the organizations to figure out solutions.

It is no wonder that Seat-booking apps are NOT taken seriously.

work.IS is much more than just a seat-booking app. Think of work.IS as a Hybrid Work administrator and management structure for grown-ups.

Work.IS is a Product Designed and Created by Jonosfero International LLP.

Formulation & Framework by Jackstien Practices & Consulting International LLP, an award-winning firm of management consultants that has pioneered risk-and-transition management for Hybrid Work.