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Hybrid Work and Workspace Management


Work.IS is the tool that not only gives you the solutions to the questions in our previous blog but also the means to plan, implement, coordinate, track, manage, inform and assist the entire solution. This extends to your space resources, time, people and expenses for the organization, its management, its supervisors and its employees.

work.IS is, in the truest sense of the term, a product of ‘Systems Thinking’.

  • Apply their organizational policies based on role, function, process or risk,
  • Apply these policies to people, groups, committees, departments, or a mix of these,
  • Reserve spaces for all these people for the times they need to be in office and at the same time, inform all the personnel of this scheduling and their reservation.
  • Project ideal capacity, peak attendance days and resourcing needs and books those resources.
  • Enables employees to coordinate with each other.
  • Allows flexibility to employees within the boundaries set by the organizational policies (in terms of space as well as time).
  • Enables organizations to track and manage utilization.
  • Allocates only defined spaces to employees based on their department or role or seniority or other specific attributes.
  • Enables coordination and reservation for all other resources needed by employees when in office, from meeting rooms to projectors to cabins and even dining, gym, gaming and parking reservations.
  • Employees can seek dispensations, make changes to their schedule to the extent permissible, agree on satellite workspaces permitted to them and coordinate other arrangements too.
  • Organizations can prevent specific personnel from reserving certain areas based on criteria, for example, nursing room or women-only areas restricted to males or preventing those without clearance from reserving seats in research areas or others from reserving spaces meant to support those with restricted mobility.
  • Conversely, organizations can also restrict reservations for specific personnel to remain within certain spaces for example, financial traders to trading rooms or insiders to Inside-areas.
  • Employees can find and book seats meeting their preferred criteria; from desk type to cabin type to surrounding temperature to ‘quiet-desks’ to seats near specific colleagues.
  • work.IS even lets people coordinate the best time to start the commute to your reserved spaces based on traffic information.
  • work.IS dynamically and constantly keeps managing space availability so that an organization’s precious resources get aptly utilized to achieve their best interests even as employees enjoy full flexibility within pre-agreed boundaries. From reserving spaces in increments of even 30 minutes to freeing up spaces when on leave, employee, work and spaces remain in sync even as resource utilization is optimised.
  • work.IS provides reports from utilization to attendance to peak usage to add-on usage to time coordination.
  • work.IS – a win-win in the truest sense of the term.