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I see some apps for booking seats on a floor plan. Can that be done?


Floor plans are nice; but only to look at. Most regular seat booking applications are variations of booking a seat in the theatre or a plane. There are standard seats, standard timings, standard everything. The only thing that varies is the price you pay for better seats. Such standardization does not gel with flexibility.

Hot-Desking in Hybrid Workspaces in the real world is a dynamic concept driven by space, people, and business needs where the seats are allocated or booked based on many criteria but never price.

Office plan illustrations are often provided to distract users from the fact that they cannot manage Hybrid work the way it required by the real world. We may introduce basic templates of floor plans in the future but only when we are sure that we can adequately capture the reality of utility, need, control and availability; dynamically and in real-time.

My organization’s plans are changing, and we plan to shift to a more distributed model in 3 months. What happens to Hybrid Work bookings and reservations made by employees six months in the future?

work.IS keeps power in the hands of the organization. One of these powers is to decide when bookings can be done by employees, including how far into the future they can reserve spaces, from a week to a year.